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    The Colegio de Santa Isabel, a lasting monument of Christian Charity and Spanish altruism was founded on October 24, 1632. The first and primary purpose of its foundation was for the education of the Spanish orphans, daughters of the Spanish soldiers in the service of the King. But in the years later, its doors were opened to Filipino girls as well. In 1733, by a royal decree of Queen Isabela II, the name of the college was changed to "Real Colegio de Santa Isabel."

        On July 22, 1682, fifteen Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul arrived in the Philippines from Spain. There was great rejoicing and triumphant welcome was accorded to them by Spanish officials and the natives. The D.C.'s first house in the Philippines was Colegio de Santa Isabel. The College was then in Intramuros until it was totally destroyed by fire during the liberation of Manila. After the sorrowful and bitter experience of losing the Colegio, the Sisters sought refuge at St. Rita's College which was fortunately spared from the ravages of war. It was through the kindness of a benevolent and compassionate Monsignor Vicente Reyes then Parish Priest of the San Miguel Parish, who offered some rooms in the convent that the Sisters were able to start anew their apostolate of educating the young. The Sisters were not contented with the temporariness of the situation so, these courageous women led by the late Sr. Juana Zabalza, superior of the college at that time, and the indefatiguable principal Sr. Candida Ocampo, who later became the first Filipinas Superior of the College, were able to acquire the former St. Rita on 210 Taft Avenue. 

        It was sometime after the war, when the name of the Colegio de Santa Isabel was changed to its English equivalent, Santa Isabel College.

        In 1968, SIC started expanding and improving its physical facilities. Since then, four new buildings have risen in the SIC skyline. The building which houses the (Basic Education Department) BED was inaugurated in 1970; the Music and College Building (now called the old college building) was blessed in 1975, and the new College Building in 1984. The former CCD now the SIC Computer Center connecting the BED building and the College building was blessed last 1987.

        In the year 1982, Sta. Isabel College marked its 350th Foundation Anniversary. After three and a half centuries of existence, the College has expanded its educational program which is guided by the Vincentian Concept of Education and clearly embodied in the D.C. School's Mission Statement.

        Accreditation is one way of sustaining quality education. On February, 1990, a PAASCU Survey team conducted a preliminary survey of four programs of the HED, namely, BS in Accountancy, Education, Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Bachelor of Arts. 

        Faithful and true to their mission, philosophy and objectives which was consistently reflected and concretized in the eight areas of concern: College and Community Involvement, Faculty, Instruction, Library, Laboratories, Physical Plant, Student Personnel Services and Administration. Sta. Isabel was granted full accreditation by PAASCU.

        Santa Isabel College will carry on its mission to spread the Word and uphold the standard of truth.