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Objectives Of Each Department                                                                        

I.    For the Liberal Arts Program:

            The AB Department aims to provide a sound and broad foundation in general education that will enable the student 

       to grasp and understand the arts and integrate and actualize the essential truths and principles necessary in coping with the

     complexities of life. The specific aims are to:

     a)    develop the intellectual potentials that can serve as solid base and preparation towards any field of endeavor;

     b)    develop critical and sound judgment, wholesome values and attitudes based on the ideas and lives of great men that

             shape civilization;

    c)    enhance and develop creativity through the proper appreciation of the arts;

    d)    instill in the student the Christian and Vincentian spirit that will inspire commitment to their respective communities and

           to the country at large thereby becoming agents of social transformation;

    e)    encourage the student to pursue scientific investigation and research.

II.    For the Commerce Program:

                The Commerce program provides the prospective financial expert and business executive with a strong

        foundation on critical awareness and empirical consciousness of the nature, growth and development of business,

        trade and industry in Philippine context and in the light of the present socio-economic conditions. It also provides

        formation on the Christian and Vincentian values that will imbue them with the spirit of justice, compassion and    

        social responsibility and so become agents of social transformation.

        Specifically, it aims to develop:

        a)    The Isabelan's total commitment to justice; to endeavor in an accepted manner to attain their valid end, that is

                financial growth especially in times of financial reverses.

        b)    Transparency and co-responsibility in shaping the business world by promoting harmony within and among

                individuals producing variable results, e.g. trade efficiency and effective market strategies.

        c)    The fullest development of the human potentials, skills, abilities and aptitudes of prospective financial experts and

               business executives who will radiate and impeccable Christian witnesses to the present corrupridden society.

III.     For the Accountancy Program:          

                Accountancy is a four-year collegiate program which aims to prepare one towards an Accountancy career.There    

          are varied fields where the Accountancy graduate can fit. The Accountancy program is designed to afford versatility in

          training towards management level in employment, government work, industry and businesses, entrepreneurship,

          banking, or even in the educational field are given sufficient emphasis in the curriculum. The program however, leads

          towards the preparation for the licensure through the Certified Public Accountant Examination.

          Specifically, it aims:

          a)     To develop Christian individuals who are highly motivated to succeed in their Accountancy career guided by the

                tenets of Christian moral values.

          b)     To develop common sense individuals with good communication skills and respectable academic achievements,

                who truly understands the CPA's role in the business community.

          c)    To develop strong analytical and interpersonal skills among the accountancy students which would lead towards

                developing strong drives to succeed and implementing in them deep commitment towards a Christian Accountant


          d)    To prepare students towards the CPA licensure examination.

IV.      For the Teacher Education Program:  

                   The teacher-education program aims to assist the prospective teachers in their search for meaning and for quality

            education that will enlighten them and develop their skills in teaching competency and in building a true Filipino        

            Christian Community.

            Specifically, it aims to:

            a)    To provide curriculum designed to prepare the students for social commitment and services for the common


        b)    To integrate philosophy, psychology and pedagogy into pattern of knowledge that will develop integrity, simplicity

                and wisdom.

        c)    To develop quality leadership that manifests respect for human dignity and slanted towards empowering the poor.

        d)    To elicit varied experiences for self-discovery putting their talents and gifts to the call of c0-responsibility.

        e)    To expose the students to experiences wherein they could truly witness the gospel values of peace, justice and

                solidarity and so be agent of social transformation.

V.     Bachelor of Science in Public Relations (BSPR)

         A.    General Objective:

                        This course aims to give formal and practical training to students who can serve as co-partners in National


                It aims to:

                a)    conduct a formal education of students in the arts, science and philosophy of Public Relations;

                b)    prepare students for a PR profession based on a four-year degree course of discipline that is timely and

                        relevant to the needs of our contemporary society;

                c)    make available the service of PR practitioners whose efficiency and effectiveness is based on a training that is

                       God-centered and people-oriented;

                d)    train PR professionals who live-up to the Vision-Mission statements of the D.C. schools.

VI.    Two-Year Junior Secretarial Course (JSC)

                 The two-year Junior Secretarial Course aims to train competent clerical and secretarial workers, who are at the

           same time responsible Christian who can become effective receptionist, secretaries or junior partners to captains of


            Specifically, this course aims to train students to:

            a)    use their skills to appreciate their God-given talents, and to use them to the best of their abilities;

            b)    maximize their capabilities and skills to cope up with technological and industrial progress and the demands for

                    accuracy and proficiency.

            c)    be fully aware that a clerical or secretarial employee is not merely a tool of industry but also one who is capable

                    to serve as linkage of business and industries with the world at large.

VII.    Music Department 

           I.    General Objectives

                  1.    To train Teachers and professional performers for the enrichment of the cultural and artistic heritage of our


                  2.    To produce leaders involved in Music and in the Liturgy.

                  3.    To from musicians with the sensitivity and insights into other person's needs.

                  4.    To elevate music standards and promote the development of arts in the Philippines.

                  5.    To disseminate music and art appreciation to the people.

           II.    Curricula

                         The Undergraduate Division offers four-year courses leading to the Bachelor of Music degree in Piano,

                   Music  Education, Voice, Composition and Theory. Each curriculum is designated to develop individual

                   musicianship and performance skill to the highest possible level while also providing for the general education and

                   professional needs of candidates in other areas.

                         All Bachelor of Music candidates are given intensive instruction in basic and advanced theoretical studies and

                   in Music Literature. In addition, candidates complete substantial courses in the Humanities, Languages and Social

                   Sciences. Courses-specialization appropriate to each major field are likewise provided.

                          The Graduate Division offers the Master of Music degree in Piano, Music Education, Voice and

                   Composition and the Master of Arts in Education with concentration in Music.